Manchester United and Adidas Unveil Exclusive Stone Roses Collection: A Tribute to Madchester Era

Picture this – the haunting, captivating tones of The Stone Roses belting out ‘This is the One’ to signify the moment footballers from Manchester United take to the field. Now, merging the colossal worlds of football, music, and fashion, adidas and Manchester United unveil their joint collection in homage to the poignant and often chaotic culture of the early 90s, the ‘Madchester’ era that firmly engraved Manchester onto the cultural global map. This era not only spewed out unforgettable indie-dance rhythms but also gave birth to the indefinable influence of The Stone Roses. This intertwined relationship between Manchester United and the influential band now manifests in the form of a collection, a creative collaboration reminiscent of the Peter Saville venture last October.



🎶 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐈𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐧𝐞 🎶 Presenting the United x @adidasfootball x Stone Roses collection. Available now 📲 — adidas UK (@adidasUK) February 8, 2024.

From the emblematic 1989 The Stone Roses album, which gifted us ‘This Is The One’ and placed its eye-poppingly colourful cover art in history, adidas seeks creative direction for this innovative collection. The star piece of the ensemble, the Manchester United x Stone Roses Originals Icon Jersey, masterfully blends the bold, unmistakable artistic prowess of John Squire – the band's guitarist – with classic Originals aesthetics. Details on the jersey are yet to be revealed, yet anticipation is already at fever pitch. In the vibrant palette of the album cover, the Adidas three stripes - tinted red, white, and blue - illuminate the sleeve, while the 'The Stone Roses' title gleams in gold on the inner part of the collar. The iconic crest of Manchester United is revamped featuring the tagline 'This is the One' and lemon slices replacing football motifs on either side. The look is sealed with the classic scarlet Adidas Trefoil emblem.

Included in the collection is an on-pitch pre-match jersey and a reversible anthem jacket that the Manchester United male players will don before facing Aston Villa on 10th February, while the women's team will showcase the design at Southampton the following day. The jersey incorporates a monochrome version of The Stone Roses album artwork, with the Adidas performance symbol, Manchester United insignia, and official sponsor all in shimmering gold, mirroring the font used on The Stone Roses' debut album cover. The lifestyle aspect of the collection features a noir tracksuit and shorts, adorned with the red, white, and blue stripes, the contemporary Manchester United badge, and the distinguished Stone Roses lemons. Finishing touches to the collection are a long-sleeved T-shirt, scarf and the quintessential bucket hat.

Inigo Turner, Design Director at adidas, said “For many fans that remember watching the famous class of ‘92, The Stone Roses music is probably the soundtrack playing in their heads. Both the team and the band represented global youth movements that had Manchester at their heart. We’re excited to celebrate that relationship through this collection, which represents the beautiful fusion of Northern England football and musical culture.”

Celebrating a vibrant medley of Northern England football and musical culture, the collection is an intimate reflection of their connection and intertwining histories. The Chief Commercial Development Officer at Manchester United, James Holroyd, enthusiastically expresses, “The Stone Roses is a band that is deeply knitted into the unique Manchester United fan culture both locally and globally. This collection is the perfect way to recognise our joint histories in a way that connects with both older fans and the new generation of supporters.”

Enticing fans of all ages, this collection is up for grabs and a perfect tribute to the Manchester United x Stone Roses collaboration. Follow closely for more on this unique fusion - the cheerful rhythm of The Stone Roses synchronized seamlessly with the pulsating euphoria of a Manchester United match. This is a collection with undiluted joy at its core, truly enshrining the depth of connection between football and music. Miss out not on this vintage celebration of cross-cultural unity!

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