Levante UD Debut 'Against Cancer' Kit

Levante UD Takes a Stand with Special 'Against Cancer' Kit In a powerful demonstration of support, Levante UD players took to the field yesterday wearing a striking kit that raised awareness for the fight against cancer.

Ditching the traditional sponsor logo, the team displayed a depiction of a mastectomy, symbolizing the ongoing battle against this devastating disease. Cancer affects people all over the world, making this cause one that resonates with everyone.

Levante UD, a Spanish Segunda Division team, revealed their unique kit, featuring a breast drawing on one side and a scar on the other, as they triumphed 1-0 against Racing Ferrol at the Ciutat de València. The inspiration behind this initiative stems from the alarming statistics shared by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), revealing that Spain sees 35,000 new cases of breast cancer every year.

Levante's goal is to shed light on the importance of supporting research in the fight against this disease, especially for the women who bravely endure its effects. Remarkably, Levante's main sponsor, Marcos Automoción, willingly stepped aside to make room for the mastectomy image on the jerseys.

Their selflessness and commitment to this cause are truly commendable, showcasing their unwavering support for Levante's powerful message. To further drive attention to this campaign, the players' signed match-worn shirts are now being auctioned through the Match Worn Shirt web platform.

Levante UD continues to demonstrate their dedication to raising funds and awareness, ensuring that every contribution makes a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer. Bravo to Levante UD for using their platform to shine a spotlight on this important cause. By wearing their 'Against Cancer' kit, they have ignited a conversation on and off the pitch, reminding us all of the significance of unity and support in the face of adversity.

If you're a die-hard fan eager to secure a piece of history, look no further than matchwornshirt.com. This is your chance to bid on one of the actual shirts worn by your favorite Levante stars in their glorious victory. Imagine holding onto that cherished memento, knowing that your contribution is going towards a cause that supports cancer patients in Valencia.

If bidding on match-worn gear isn't your thing, Levante has got you covered too. Head over to their webstore, where you can snag yourself a replica of the special match shirt. Not only will you be able to flaunt your Levante pride, but your purchase will also contribute towards funding essential programs and research in the fight against cancer. So, don't delay!

Whether you're vying for an original piece of Levante history or simply want to show your support in style, click the links, place your bids, and make a difference for the Spanish Association against Cancer of Valencia. Let's unite in the spirit of football and compassion. Together, we can kick cancer to the sidelines!

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