Leicester City Unveils Exclusive Limited-Edition Kit: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Leicester City, always at the forefront of innovation, has joined forces with our local creative visionary, Dodici Otto, to unveil a limited-edition kit that marries the essence of tradition with the flair of modernity. Dodici Otto, renowned for crafting the exceptional 'Ronaldo's Return' shirt for Manchester United, has once again demonstrated their mastery of football fashion. The Dodici Otto x Manchester United 'Ronaldo's Return' Shirt set fans abuzz, and now, Dodici Otto's creative prowess turns toward Leicester City, collaborating on a kit that promises to enthrall supporters.

Drawing inspiration from Leicester City's 23-24 third kit, the Dodici Otto design weaves ink scale motifs into a mesmerizing wolf head, adorned with the empowering slogan 'FNQ: Foxes Never Quit'. These elements not only pay homage to our club's unwavering identity but also mirror the indomitable spirit of our incredible fanbase.

At the heart of this unique jersey is a tribute to the iconic King Power Stadium, a reminder that it's where the hearts of Leicester City's loyal supporters reside. The back of the Leicester City x Dodici Otto special kit features a pristine white Leicester shirt graced with the coordinates of the King Power Stadium in a bold shade of blue, an arresting addition to any fan's collection.

This groundbreaking collaboration marks the inaugural partnership between LCFC and Dodici Otto, and to keep it truly exclusive, only 200 of these shirts will ever see the light of day. Each shirt will be meticulously numbered, ensuring they become cherished, sought-after treasures for dedicated Leicester City fans.

Priced at £180 each, these limited-edition gems will be available exclusively at the Foxes Fanstore starting October 20th. If your excitement matches ours for this exceptional union between LCFC and Dodici Otto, and if you've ever dreamt of owning a one-of-a-kind Leicester City x Dodici Otto kit, now is your moment. Join the exclusive league of 200 proud owners of this remarkable piece of football fashion.

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