KidSuper's Latest Fashion Line: A Tribute to Ronaldinho To Debut at Paris Fashion Week AW24


An early glimpse of KidSuper’s latest fashion line has sparked widespread excitement. The brand, renowned for its innovative designs, recently unveiled a striking pair of football jerseys emblazoned with 'KidSuper Football Club.' These jerseys draw inspiration from the legendary footballer Ronaldinho, setting the fashion world abuzz.

Colm Dillane, the creative force behind KidSuper and a fervent football fan, has consistently used his brand to merge high-fashion with sports. His notable collaborations, including those with PUMA and the design of last season’s Barnsley kit, have been groundbreaking. The upcoming collection, with its nod to football’s enchanting past, particularly Ronaldinho, further cements this legacy.

Paying tribute to the Brazilian football icon, Dillane has designed the jerseys with a unique touch. Sketches of a young Ronaldinho grace the front, capturing his early days in the sport. Additionally, the emblem of the KidSuper Club draws inspiration from Ronaldinho’s childhood team, Gremio. The jerseys' design intricately places 'KidSuper Football Club' in the prominent sponsor area, while the right chest features an embroidered replica of Ronaldinho's signature.

The back of the jerseys equally honors the football legend, with Ronaldinho's name and his iconic number, accompanied by a 'KidSuper Sports' signature. This design not only celebrates the player but also embodies the spirit of football.

This exciting collection is set to make a statement at the Paris Fashion Week AW24 show, scheduled for this Saturday, 20th January. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating KidSuper’s runway showcase.

Stay tuned for more updates and sizzling fashion releases from KidSuper. This is a collection not to be missed.

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