Khvicha Kvaratskhelia's Exclusive Adidas Predator 24 Debut

Meet Napoli's ace winger, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, who recently announced his grand association with the sports giant, adidas. Previously a champion of Nike designs throughout his professional journey, Kvaratskhelia's switch to adidas marks a significant moment in his career. It's worth noting that this footballer-turned-adidas ambassador had previously flirted with other sportswear brands, including PUMA and adidas, indicating his openness to diverse sports apparel collaborations. Recent weeks saw him stylishly donning adidas boots, hinting at the end of his relationship with Nike. This speculation has now been confirmed, with adidas warmly welcoming the Georgian winger to their family.

Adidas has not just signed Kvaratskhelia; they've gone the extra mile by gifting him a customised Predator 24, a boot that showcases a unique blend of colourways reflecting his personal flair. Fans recently witnessed Kvaratskhelia gracing the field in these laceless Predator 24 boots, distinguished by the Solar Energy colourway. The upcoming design will feature a crisp white base complemented by blue hues, reminiscent of the boot worn by football prodigy Trent Alexander-Arnold during his adidas debut, albeit with Kvaratskhelia's version flaunting unique red accents.

As Napoli prepares for their thrilling match against Barcelona, all eyes will be on Kvaratskhelia, now an official adidas endorser, showcasing his prowess in the custom Predator 24. For fans eager to own a piece of this exclusivity, the custom-designed boots are already making waves in the market.

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