Moise Kean: From the Field to the Mic

Channeling our inner journo vibes, and guess what's making the headlines? Moise Kean, alias KMB, has just flaunted his lyrical finesse through his inaugural track, “OUTFIT”, repping the rap cyclone 19F. Predominantly in Italian, with smatterings of English idioms bouncing effortlessly throughout, Kean and his crew flex their penchant for high-end labels, from Amiri to Louis Vuitton.


Now, ‘footie’ meets ‘rhymes' isn’t a new phenomenon. Fellow Serie A maestro, Rafael Leão, under the nom de guerre WAY45, gave us some rich beats earlier this annum. While a few days past, Tottenham’s Emerson Royal brought out a track confronting racial prejudice. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re living in an era where our beloved football heroes may grace our Spotify Wrapped in a year’s time.

Can you guess who’s about to unload an EP Next? Give the track a listen below.

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