Kappa and Venezia Celebrate Legacy with LA84 Collection: 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Style

Venezia Clothing & Kappa Unveil 40th Anniversary LA84 Special Edition – 19 February 2024. Forty years following the glory of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, in a nostalgic nod to sport, style, and sophistication, fashion powerhouses Kappa and Venezia have reinvented one of the most unforgettable looks to grace the event. They are reimagining the official kit donned by the US National Track & Field team exclusively for the LA84 collection.

Back in November, as the once unfamiliar lanes of creativity and expression became the familiar turfs for the Serie B players, a collaborative breakthrough occurred between Venezia and Nivelcrack, effectively flipping the script post-Ted Philipakos. Now, the Serie B team has revealed another gem in their crown. And this time, it's a nod to a fashion frontrunner that first emerged 40 years ago and still managed to command attention at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, donned by the US National Track & Field team. View this over on the Instagram post shared by Venezia FC (@veneziafc).

As the world gears up for the spectacle that is the Paris Olympics while looking back at the star-studded and legendary 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, especially the birth of global sports icon “The Son of the Wind” Carl Lewis, the LA84 collection pays its respects to America's sports lineage and the illustrious Olympic history. A unique silver two-piece tracksuit ensemble, previously worn by the ArancioNeroVerdi squad as they stepped into Penzo Stadium for the Venezia-Modena faceoff over the weekend, includes the well-known "banda" design. This design staple, which allowed Kappa to be the center stage during the 1980s, is a brilliant blend of sport and innovation, and even today earns almost ubiquitous accolades, solidifying its place in the fashion spectrum.

In the dazzling modern arena of football, the LA84 collection emerges as an epitome of sheer elegance. To get your hands on this embodiment of class, visit shop.veneziafc.it or stop by the Venezia FC official havens found in the enchanting locales of Rialto and SS Apostoli in Venice. Alternatively, you can make a trip to the Ca' Venezia store snug in Mestre. Stay updated, stay chic – follow our journey! Sign up to our Newsletter for more!

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