Jude Bellingham Raises Excitement with Launch Colorway Debut of Fresh Adidas Predator

Our anticipation for the release of adidas' fresh Predator has already been on a high, but Jude Bellingham just cranked up the excitement level several notches, as he flaunted what most likely will be the launch colourway during Real Madrid's intense Champions League encounter with Napoli.

The most recent adidas Predator - symbolically the 21st in the legendary series which also coincides with its 30th anniversary coming up in 2024 – has been circulating in its initial whiteout prototype shape in the preceding weeks, setting the stage for the eagerly awaited silo make-over typically introduced in January. However, a surprise twist could be in the cards from the Three Stripes, following Jude Bellingham's appearance in a classically tinted interpretation of the forthcoming generation boot.

Sitting prominent as the new face of the Predator brand following a sequence of top-notch performances since his move to Real Madrid – and prior to that too – Bellingham's recent victories include netting the Golden Boy accolade at the Ballon d'Or awards.

With only the briefest preview in the whiteout prototype, the young star gave us our initial glance at the feasible launch colorway for the latest Predator during practice earlier this week. Of course, Bellingham might merely be trialling them under a veil of secrecy, no major shock there. However, he's upped the game by donning them on the club football's grandest platform, revealing to the world the potential game-changer boot.

With every eye on him across the globe, he didn't disappoint – he scored, yet again! This time, it was during the Champions League group stage match against Napoli. This sent out a clear message: the much-anticipated launch of the new boot is imminent.

As we all know, the reinstatement of the classic fold-over tongue is one of the new Predator's most appealing features. This beloved feature brings back fond memories of vintage models such as the Predator Mania, Precision, and PowerSwerve. And true to expectations, its comeback has caused great excitement within nostalgic fans of a certain generation. But now, we see it making its debut in what seems to be a timeless combination of black, white, and red-a familiar palette, yet with the red seemingly richer and more posh than ever.

This marks the second color-edition of the new Predator, following Trent Alexander-Arnold’s unexpected appearance over the weekend, wearing a white and red pair. Even though we believe that this colorway was crafted specifically for Arnold’s reveal and may not be made available for wide retail, the Jude edition is screaming 'launch look'. We are confident that it will resonate well, stoking the already intensified nostalgia.

So, gear up! The much-awaited official launch of the new adidas Predator is almost here. Keep your eyes peeled... it's bound to drop any day now!

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