Jorge Vilda Finally Sacked as Spain Boss Following Controversy

In a move that comes as no surprise, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has finally decided to part ways with coach Jorge Vilda, after the controversial incidents that marred the Women's World Cup final.

This decision follows a disciplinary investigation conducted by FIFA, after RFEF President Luis Rubiales engaged in an inappropriate action during the medal presentation ceremony, sparking global scrutiny. Rubiales, who defiantly refused to step down from his position and even intensified his support for his unsavory behavior during Spain's World Cup celebrations, has been handed a 90-day suspension by FIFA.

In a unanimous decision made by the RFEF's committee of regional presidents, Vilda's tenure has come to an end, closing a regrettable chapter in the tumultuous relationship between the RFEF and the women's national team.

The dismissal of Vilda, which occurred less than a fortnight after Rubiales' ill-advised speech where he announced an extension of Vilda's contract, marks the end of a year-long controversy that has plagued the Spanish team. Since 2022, a staggering 12 players have boycotted the national team, while the entire coaching staff walked out in protest against Rubiales' actions.

While Vilda's termination is undoubtedly a much-anticipated development, it is difficult to rejoice over this decision considering the circumstances surrounding it. It is disheartening that it took widespread media coverage and global ridicule for the RFEF to finally sever ties with a coach they relentlessly stood behind, neglecting the welfare and safety of their own players.

Now, attention shifts firmly towards the disgraced president Rubiales, as the federation faces a long road to regain trust and instill a sense of gender equality within the Spanish women's national team.

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