Introducing 'The Chelsea Collection': Where Nostalgia Meets Fashion

In a captivating ode to the 80s, Chelsea Football Club is taking a delightful trip down memory lane with 'The Chelsea Collection,' an apparel line that pays homage to the club's very first foray into sportswear fashion.

Cast your mind back to the vibrant 1980s when Terrace Fashion was all the rage. Chelsea seized the moment, not only by bringing kit design in-house but also by curating a complete clothing range that embodied the iconic 'football casual' look of that era. Fast forward to today, as the retro revival continues to captivate hearts, Chelsea resurrects the captivating blue and jade hues that defined that golden era, giving 'The Chelsea Collection' a second act in the spotlight.

Originally unveiled in 1986, this cherished collection makes its triumphant return in 2023, with the jade tones of the change kit serving as a vibrant inspiration for the 23/24 third shirt. Within this revamped retro range, you'll find an array of styles, each exuding a distinctive 80s flair. Three uniquely designed t-shirts steal the show, adorned with contrasting armbands, bold stripes, and eye-catching raglan sleeves. And that's just the beginning.


The 'Chelsea Collection' also boasts a classic blue sweatshirt and drill top that will instantly transport you to the fashionable streets of the mid-80s. Don't forget to grab a bobble hat to complete your look. And for those craving the ultimate vintage vibe, our three-color track jacket is a must-have.

Experience the nostalgia. Feel the style.


Creatives by Biblehaus.

Discover the irresistible allure of 'The Chelsea Collection' at Relive the 80s with Chelsea and make a bold fashion statement that stands the test of time.

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