Inter Milan's Galaxy Collection Unveiled - Exclusive Look!

As though stepping out of a tale woven by stars, Italian football powerhouse Inter Milan manifests their brand anew with the fresh ensemble of attire aptly named the ‘Galaxy Collection’. This stunning series sees celestial graphics beautifully melded with the club's emblematic blue and black palette.

Strolling with flair and pride on the broad catwalk of streetwear, Inter Milan has been meticulously crafting its brand identity with a thread of lifestyle collections gracefully labelled as ‘Made in Milano’ for the past few seasons. Yet, this time around, they're choosing to tread a different starlit path, launching their very first collection that breaks from that fashion tradition. Its new name, the 'Galaxy' collection, is an eloquent homage to the heavenly realm that sparked its innovative design.

Indeed, this is a celestial extravaganza, boasting a design palette inspired by the cosmic canvas of the night sky. Bathed in the club's classic Nerazzurri colour scheme, the entrancing designs echo the hypnotic allure of the midnight firmament.

As part of the 'Galaxy' collection’s constellation of offerings, fashion enthusiasts will find a slick bomber jacket. Here, the galaxy graphics embellish the sleeves while allowing the black base of the jacket to take centre stage. Also in the offing is a windbreaker jacket gracefully decorated with the graphic on the lower third, two chic hoodies in contrasting shades of black and blue, a cozy sweatshirt, and an array of tees and shorts.

To bring this celestial collection full circle, an assortment of accessories, ranging from hats and socks to bags, mugs, and even a mousepad, are also available. With the stars in their eyes and cosmos on their clothes, Inter Milan invites you to become part of their universe. Shop the spellbinding Inter Milan Galaxy Collection on their official webstore.

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