Inter Miami & (re)boot Release Upcycled Collection

Let's delve into an exciting development in the world of sports and sustainability. Inter Miami and the innovative upcycling brand (re)boot have joined forces to revitalize the club's previously worn gear. (re)boot is on a mission to address the waste issue in football by transforming once-worn equipment into something new. Following the success of their debut collection in March 2023, which featured reimagined training tops and game-worn kits from Inter Miami's first team, the duo is now launching their first retail venture, (re)boot x ROW Z. This unique collection includes 50 statement jersey pieces crafted from an array of player-worn match jerseys, training tops, goalkeeper jerseys, and surplus stock from the past two seasons of Inter Miami.

Mike Ridley, Inter Miami CF's Senior Vice President of Brand and Marketing, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, noting its alignment with the club's mission to use football as a force for good. This initiative underscores Inter Miami CF's commitment to sustainable practices and the use of recycled materials. Gabriella Mas, the founder of (re)boot, is equally excited about their first retail collection. She highlights Inter Miami's growing global prominence in football and the club's alignment with (re)boot's mission to use the sport as a tool to combat global waste.

The collection's creation process involves the London-based brand ROW Z, founded in 2021 by Daegen Eppey and Tom Ellis. Their goal is to infuse the essence of football into everyday fashion. They start by deconstructing the original apparel, removing the badge panel, and then reassembling the pieces in a thoughtful, jigsaw-like manner, focusing on maximizing the use of the original shirt. Tom Ellis describes their process as a divine alliance with Inter Miami’s famous jerseys, celebrating the convergence of football, fashion, and sustainability.

The collaboration has produced a range of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, each with its own history and significance. This latest collection, (re)boot, gains a technological edge through a partnership with Avery Dennison, a leader in materials science and digital identification solutions. Avery Dennison will enhance the jerseys with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing fans to access a digital experience and learn more about the brand's story. This initiative, supported by Avery Dennison's Digital ID technology and connected product cloud, aims to educate and encourage recycling, turning each garment into a unique storytelling platform.

Looking to the future, (re)boot, now a national licensee for Major League Soccer and Fanatics, plans to expand its impact beyond Inter Miami CF. This approach aims to foster a more circular, less wasteful future in the textile industry. The eagerly awaited (re)boot x ROW Z collection is set to be released on 20th November at 10 a.m. ET, available at (re) This launch marks a significant step in the journey towards a more sustainable world in sports and fashion.

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