Houston Dynamo 2024 Away Kit: A Vibrant Tribute to Houston's Hip-Hop Heritage

The Houston Dynamo 2024 away kit, in a lavish tribute to the city's vibrant hip-hop scene, carries more than just the spirit of the game. It embodies the city's creative nerve and tenacious hustle we lovingly associate with every Houston soul. Crafted by Adidas, this jersey will be showcased by the Dynamo squad throughout the 2024 and 2025 MLS seasons.

Houston Dynamo 2024 Away Kit

The eye-catching ensemble is a unique blend, presenting a bold fusion of a rich purple base adorned with dramatic orange highlights, coupled with a metallic silver trim. The chrome-coloured accents pay respectful homage to those unmistakable candy-paint slabs, synonymous with slow drives and rocking to the beats of the local scene. The orange streaks are symbolic, capturing the restless, pulsating energy that makes Houston feel alive. Adding to the fine details, a tiny map of Houston and 'HOU' are etched at the right corner of the shirt, while the back collar features 'Still Hodin' - a phrase recognizing the endearing spirit of Houstonians constantly holding it down and taking immense pride in our city.

The 'Still Holdin' jersey is more than just a piece of sportswear - it's a physical embodiment of the unwavering love and unbridled pride we Houstonians share for our city. The changes between the Houston Dynamo 2022 and 2024 Away Kits are noticeable, with the latter being a testament to the city's rich cultural tapestry.

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