Havertz to Join Puma, Nike Exodus to Continue?

Arsenal new boy Kai Havertz appears ready to shake things up in the world of football as he considers leaving his longtime partnership with Nike for a new deal with Puma. Continuing the trend of big names leaving the swoosh.

The first hint of this potential switch surfaced when Havertz strutted his stuff at Germany's training camp, donning the distinctive Puma tracksuit. It seems that the young midfielder may be on the brink of pledging his loyalty to the big cat brand.

Havertz, a key player for the German national team, is gearing up for some high-profile friendlies against Japan and France. During training, he sported the sleek blackout Puma Future boots – a clear departure from his usual Nike Phantom GX boots. Eager to share his impeccable style on social media, Havertz posted a picture of his training session on Instagram, where the boots stole the spotlight.

While there were no signs of an impending brand switch when he faced off against Manchester United over the weekend, the sight of Havertz flaunting a complete Puma tracksuit alongside his Puma boots during training speaks volumes. It seems highly likely that we will soon witness Havertz officially joining the Puma family. We will, of course, monitor the situation closely and provide you with any updates as they unfold.

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