Hackney Wick FC's Remarkable Journey with Netflix and Top Boy

Kasanga's incredible journey is nothing short of remarkable. From receiving an unexpected email from Netflix to now standing proudly at the center of Hackney Wick FC's kit launch, sponsored by Netflix and Top Boy for the second consecutive year, Bobby reflects on the extraordinary partnership between his grassroots football club and one of the world's media giants. This unique collaboration between the corporate world and grassroots football has bestowed upon HWFC unparalleled visibility and support, leaving Bobby profoundly grateful for the opportunities it has brought.

"In the first year, Netflix exceeded all our expectations, offering unwavering support," In conversation with Versus Bobby recounts with appreciation. "They provided us with a platform to showcase ourselves, which led to a surge in inquiries about the club. Our kits sold out last year, not only providing crucial funding but also granting young people free access to the beautiful game. Other corporate entities should take note of this collaboration and embrace a similar model."


Hackney Wick FC occupies a special place in the footballing landscape. Established by Bobby in 2015 after serving a lengthy prison sentence, the club's primary mission is to foster unity within the borough and offer a platform for the blossoming of young talents. Originating as a humble amateur team, HWFC has evolved into the sole semi-professional club in the borough, boasting an impressive roster of 20 squads spanning various age groups.

The crowning achievement for this remarkable club is their partnership with Top Boy, a series deeply rooted in the local area. However, the success of each kit launch wouldn't be possible without the creative genius of Foday Dumbaya, the founder and Creative Director of Labrum. Taking the reins of designing these eye-catching jerseys, Foday was initially drawn to the project by the club's inspiring vision. Speaking passionately about his involvement, he shares, "A few years ago, Netflix introduced me to Hackney Wick FC and Bobby's visionary project. I was immediately captivated."

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, Hackney Wick FC has collaborated with the fashion visionary Foday Dumbaya, creator of the renowned Dumbaya brand, to craft a distinct and stylish football kit. Now in its second year, this collaboration aims to give back to the community and inspire young people through the fusion of fashion and football.


The latest Hackney Wick FC kit, unveiled at the Labrum SS24 show during London Fashion Week, is a vivid representation of Dumbaya's creative flair. Known for his love of zig-zag patterns, he has ingeniously woven together various cultures in this design. Adding a touch of local pride, the kit features 32 postcodes, each representing one of the 32 boroughs of London. The vibrant green color, drawn from an old Hackney Wick FC iteration found in the archives, adds a nostalgic touch. Dumbaya's aim is to shatter the stereotypical mold of sportswear and redefine how we perceive football attire.

The partnership between Hackney Wick FC and Dumbaya has garnered overwhelming enthusiasm and praise. Bobby, an ardent supporter of the team, hails Foday as a genius, thoroughly impressed by his ability to surpass last year's kit with the introduction of the striking green shirt. The synergy between the two entities is evident, with Foday seeing Top Boy as a natural sponsor for the club, given their shared commitment to telling community stories and empowering young minds.


While on the surface, this collaboration may appear to be a significant achievement for a relatively young football team, for Bobby, it's merely a stepping stone in their ongoing journey towards sustainability. As one of Hackney's few boroughs without its football ground, the team aspires to change that reality someday. Moreover, they are launching a college in partnership with Loughborough University, providing young individuals with a platform to achieve their dreams.

Starting from September 18th, Hackney Wick FC's 23/24 home and away jerseys will be available for free to Hackney residents through custom vending machines located across the borough. For those outside the community, the kits will be available for purchase at kitlocker.com.


This collaboration exemplifies the potent fusion of fashion and football, uniting communities, inspiring young minds, and effecting lasting change.

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