Goalkeeper Jerseys Frenzy: Lionesses' Kits Fly Off Shelves in Record Time

Picture this: Barely minutes after the FA tossed Lionesses goalie jerseys into the ring for Christmas goodies, they flew off the virtual shelves faster than you can say 'goal'. Nike, who landed in the hot seat over the summer for failing to put Mary Earps’ kits on the market pre-Women's World Cup, felt the heat from over 150,000 petition signers urging for the release of the Lionesses' goalkeeping attire.

Let's flash back to October - the ME27 kits disappeared within hours in a blink-and-you-miss-it rush. The popularity for these kits is snowballing, and this recent rush is proof. The amount of goalkeeper attire available on England’s online store was as plentiful as pre-international-grade competition. Despite the hearty stock, these sought-after jerseys were gone in a flash, with Mary Earps giving fans a heads up on the short-lived availability just moments after sales went live.

Nike has since pledged its commitment to producing Lionesses goalkeeper kits ahead of significant upcoming tournaments. Judging by the frenzy around this recent drop, fans eager to wear the safety of England's best hands on their backs better have their alarms set for the next round. The Lionesses have roared, and the crowd responded.

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