Genoa's Exclusive Street Collection by Kappa

First giving fans a sneak peek during the introduction of their newest roster addition, Vitinha, Genoa now proudly draws back the curtain on its stylish new ‘Street Collection’, brought to life by technical sponsors Kappa. This fresh drop expertly intertwines the cherished colors of the club and the recognizable Kappa Omini logo. Genoa, as a Serie A heavyweight, has immensely gained from Kappa’s innovative fashion-forward creations in recent years, a trend that has splendidly crescendoed in the 23/24 season with the debut of the club’s third shirt.

Now, it’s tackling a different pitch. With this release, Genoa ventures into the often uncharted territory of lifestyle-centric merch, translating football's cool onto everyday wear with the ‘Street Collection’. A stunningly crafted tracksuit holds centerstage in this capsule collection - with accompanying t-shirts and a bucket hat adding trendy flair. The tracksuit – a dapper explosion of blue and red color blocks – nods towards the club’s customary home colours, with the golden Kappa Banda cascading down both sleeves, complementing the club crest and brand logo upfront. This style extends to the track bottoms, showing off the iconic Kappa Omini logo running down each side.

Then, there's also the t-shirt design which follows suite, presenting a pristine white body that smartly contrasts the red sleeves. Gold – the same sprinkling of elegance found on the sleeves – strafes the naval backdrop. Lastly, rounding out the collection, a neatly designed navy bucket hat featuring both the club crest and Kappa logo debuts. The presence of gold isn't just for show; it serves as a tastefully done homage to the burgeoning popularity and subsequent restock of the club's highly sought after gear.

Seize these gems swiftly, my loves. Celebrate your style quotient by snapping up the season's popular third shirt. Immerse yourselves in the grandeur of the Genoa Street Collection. Your path to fashion statements knocks at Swing by, step in, let's make some magic, darling. Follow... and let your awakening begin.

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