'Gear Up' Pack by Puma


As the summer transitions into autumn, PUMA is ready to shake things up on the football pitch with their latest offering, the 'Gear Up' pack. This stylish collection features fresh colorways for their popular Future Ultimate, Ultra Ultimate, and King Ultimate boots.

Just as teams are finding their rhythm on the field, PUMA introduces this exciting new range, perfect for those evening matches played under the floodlights. Replacing the 'Energy Pack,' the 'Gear Up' pack is set to make a statement. A star-studded lineup including Neymar Jr., Kingsley Coman, Ingrid Engen, Fridolina Rolfö, Julia Grosso, Jack Grealish, and Xavi Simons will be sporting these eye-catching boots.


Let's start with the Future boot, which boasts a stylish Persian "Blue/Pro Green" colorway. It features an innovative FUZIONFIT360 upper that combines a dual-mesh, stretchy knit, and PWRTAPE technology. This unique design ensures a snug, supportive fit, whether you prefer laces or not. Additionally, the engineered 3D textures strategically placed on key contact zones provide optimal ball grip and control. This boot's dual-density Dynamic Motion System outsole guarantees enhanced stability, agility, and traction.


Next up, we have the Ultra boot, which stands out with its "Ultra Blue/Puma White/Pro Green" color combination. This boot takes speed and acceleration to new heights with its fully re-engineered, lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper. The application of PWRTAPE technology draws inspiration from the human foot's anatomy, offering natural support for quick changes of pace and direction.


Last but not least, the King boot keeps up with the Future's style in a striking "Persian Blue/Pro Green/Ultra Blue" colorway. Crafted with K-BETTER, a non-animal-based upper material, this boot surpasses its predecessors in performance and sustainability. The King's leather football boots, have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they deliver the ultimate experience in touch, comfort, and durability. Crafted with the finest leather, these boots guarantee a luxurious feel on the pitch. But it's not just about style and substance  PUMA understands the importance of control, which is why they've designed the lightweight outsole with features like an external heel counter and integrated stability spine. These elements provide the perfect balance of stability and flexibility, allowing you to have seamless control over your movement as well as the ball. 

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