FC Rocquancourt Statement Away Kit

French amateur club FC Rocquancourt has just unveiled their stunning new away kit for the upcoming 2023-24 season, and it's a masterpiece brought to life by the renowned Italian sportswear brand, Macron. More like this from all size clubs please!

The FC Rocquancourt 2023-24 away shirt is a sight to behold, with its elegant white base adorned with stylish grey and red motifs that accentuate the sleeves. The vibrant red sleeve cuffs add an extra touch of flair to this already artistic design. However, the real showstopper of this kit is its collar. Designed in a classic yet avant-garde fashion, the polo collar boasts a blend of captivating red and blue hues, adorned with eye-catching flower and pearl motifs.

It exudes an air of nostalgia reminiscent of the shirts from the 80s' era known as "The Renaissance," symbolizing the rebirth of a senior team in Rocquancourt. With a new team, a new family, and a fresh logo reinstating their original colors, it was only fitting that FC Rocquancourt would introduce a retro-inspired shirt to embrace their heritage.


The 80s-style patterned sleeves combined with the subtle white highlights create a reminiscent nod to the Nordic teams of the 90s. This stunning creation is a testament to the club's commitment to both tradition and innovation. It pays homage to their history while embracing a modern and chic aesthetic. Macron has truly outdone themselves with this masterpiece.

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