Fashion Meets Football: Discover Kappa's 2024 Kit for Abalos FC

Following the footsteps of London's own Victoria Park Vixens, Abalos FC, the Greek grassroots football club, has just unwrapped its trendy new range of merch, all thanks to the stylish minds at Kappa. Just earlier this week, the Vixens dazzled us with the reveal of their fresh away kit. This launch was hot on the heels of their home kit unveiling that dropped just before Christmas, all thanks to the fashion-forward sporting brainchild, Kappa.

This interesting revelation transpired while the Vixens were on tour, hanging out in Greece, and playing a friendly against none other than Abalos FC. This lit Greek team also has a cosy relationship with Kappa, probably nurtured through their ties with Athens Kallithea, the Greek professional club. And now, the wait is over... Abalos FC has pulled the wraps off their new 2024 collection.

Comparison points are rife, stemming from the scale of operations to shared ethos, between Abalos FC and VP Vixens. Now, they have an additional commonality to celebrate - they're both the proud hosts of a stylish Kappa home and away kit range, the home designs being launched during their friendly match in Athens. The home kit of the Greek team is colored in heavenly sky blue, aptly complemented by clean white accents gracing the collar and cuffs. Kappa's logo stands proudly in a confident navy shade on the right chest and hugging the sleeve tops. The away kit, on the other hand, daringly flips this color scheme. Additionally, the collection includes a vibrant goalie shirt that sports a wave pattern and a standout pre-match jersey that's splashed with a multitude of vibrant geometric shapes.



Kappa's definitely done it again, let's keep on eye on them as they continue breaking the mold! Remember to sign up to our Newsletter for more!

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