Ezeta Revolutionizes AS Ostia Mare's Brand with Historic and Stylish Football Kits

In another stunning display of Ezeta's creative genius, Italian Serie D club, AS Ostia Mare, is the latest team to sport a fresh reimagining of their visual brand from this acclaimed fashion house. With the usual flair for history and heritage associated with Ezeta, their signature style breathes new life into the AS Ostia Mare football apparel. AS Ostia Mare, situated in Ostia, a sector of Rome, Lazio, competes in Serie D. The unique blend of history, culture, and style of Rome dribbles through to the lower tiers of Italian football.

It’s in this league that AS Ostia Mare has found its battlefield, and now sports a new uniform to match their fighting spirit. Their home and away shirts, doused in hues of majestic purple and fiery red, are an homage to the rich symbolism of the Mosaic of Bacchus and Ariadne. The inspiration carries through to the third and fourth shirt designs, which give a nod of honour to the Municipal Palace Of Ostia.

Thus, the journey between the prestigious fashion brand and AS Ostia Mare commenced, as it often does, with Ezeta's innovative approach to the club emblem. Acclaimed designer, Dan Norris, joined forces with Ezeta once again, contributing his unique perspective to overhauling several club crests for the fashion house. The new emblem trades tradition for modern, morphing into a circular form. At its centre, a seagull bisects the space, forming a backdrop for the club's full name: "Ostiamare Lido Calcio 1945". The emblem now boasts white and purple stripes, angled to mirror the flight of the seagull for a dynamic, contemporary look.

As a homage to Ostia Mare's traditions, the home shirt embraces the rich symbolism of the colour purple, interpreted through Ezeta's unique research-driven lens. Delving deep into an era where time and myth danced together, we unearth ties to Bacchus, the God of grape harvest from antiquity. Anyone who's ever sauntered around the Ostia archaeological park would tell you about the treasured mosaic illustrating the saga of Bacchus and Ariadne, a piece of Hadrian age during 117-138 AD. This rich history has served as a springboard of inspiration for novel shirt designs, their red away theme crafted in duplicate.

But it's not just the ancient sites that's made the cut. Hidden within the metropolitan heart of Ostia is the Municipal Palace, erected between the years of 1924 and 1926. The imaginative mind behind its architecture was none other than Vincenzo Fasolo, who interweaved medieval essence into his Venetian aesthetic trademark. The palace is an embodiment of Roman mythology, with distinctive elements inspired by aquatic god Poseidon and hippocampus, a marine marvel that mingles horse and fish. Rome's profound sentiment is represented through the iconic Capitoline she-wolf.

A narrative link to the wheat importation from Rome's provinces is established by the Ears of Wheat, acknowledging Ostia's inception by Ancus Marcius as Rome's primitive seaport. With such a palette of motifs in his grasp, Ezeta chose elegantly to intertwine all these elements, crafting an iconic geometrical pattern that dances all over the jersey. Adopting a touch of familiarity, the new design flaunts a band across the chest, reflecting a template similar to some of Ezeta's previous shirt iterations.

The third jersey flips the home shirt's colour scheme, with a fresh, clean white as the dominant shade delicately highlighted by purple accents; The fourth jersey, meanwhile, arrives in a sweeping wave of golden yellow. Channeling the warm earthy tones of wheat fields and the distinctive yellow of the municipal building courtyard, we find creative inspiration delightfully mirrored in the newly unveiled Ezeta x AS Ostia Mare kits. These captivating cooperations are ready to make a statement, inviting you to tap into an evocative aesthetic reminiscent of the natural world and architectural grandeur together.

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