Exclusive Reveal: CF Málaga and hummel Launch 120th Anniversary Special Edition Shirt - A Nostalgic Tribute to the 1988/89 Season

CF Málaga 120th Anniversary Shirt

In celebration of its 120-year anniversary, hummel and CF Málaga have unveiled an exquisite special edition shirt that masterfully reimagines an icon: the shirt worn during the 1988/89 season. There's something inherently exciting about a commemorative anniversary shirt, right? We're no exception, and Málaga CF’s latest offering from hummel has completely won us over in its tribute to the 120th birthday of the club. This milestone has been creatively marked by echoing the design of one of the most memorable team kits from Málaga’s history.

CF Málaga 120th Anniversary Shirt

The design worn by renowned players like Juanito, Boquerón Esteban, and Lauridsen during the historic 1988/89 season saw CD Málaga make a triumphant return to the top-tier of Spanish football, following an extended absence. A place that seems a distant utopia now, as the team takes on challenges in Spain's third-tier league. The newly revealed special edition shirt tips its hat to the 88/89 shirt style, with a modern twist of a refined polo-style collar and a delicate sublimated print throughout. The shirt is further adorned with hummel's iconic chevrons, injecting an additional dash of sophistication that runs through the shoulders and sleeves. While the shirt's brand sponsor initially strikes as abrupt, it's actually an integral part of the design's nostalgic reboot. The awe-inspiring front of the CD Málaga shirt is indeed a sight to behold - a unique collection piece to celebrate 120 years of football history in Málaga.

CF Málaga 120th Anniversary Shirt

In the sultry summer haze of 1988, the effervescent amusement park Tívoli bathed in the glistening Spanish sun, an emblem of pure joy nestled under the Benalmádena canopy. The doors of this cherished marvel first swung open in 1972, morphing into a glowing landmark bathing in the Malaga sun ever since. While this park, radiating a vintage charm, does not embellish the original CD Málaga shirt as its official sponsor, we've picked it to grace our memory here. The adoration and emotional resonance it harbored among the people of Málaga is our testament.

The shirt bears the retro club crest with pride, as though intricately etched into its fabric. Instead of the original "CDM" acronym representing the Club Deportivo Málaga, it now reads "MCF," a reminder that the club underwent a name change in the early '90s, adapting to the ever-changing times. Daintily adorning the lower torso of the shirt, a 120th Anniversary logo has been embroidered, enriching the shirt's journey through time.

The initial batch of the Malaga 120-year shirt, drenched in history, was snatched up in a heartbeat and is currently sold out. However, keep your hearts ablaze, as the club is set to thrill fans once more with a second batch, primed for presale soon. Do keep an eye out because this trip down nostalgia lane is imminent. Remember to sign up to our Newsletter for more!

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