Exclusive Napoli x Geolier Collaboration: Football and Music

On 8th February 2024, the fashion industry's collective heartbeat quickened as the announcement of the partnership of the year between Clothing Napoli and Italian rapper, Geolier, was made. This intriguing collaboration follows Geolier's bold entrance at the 74th Sanremo Music Festival, where he made headlines worldwide by donning a Napoli tracksuit. Clothing Napoli is renowned for its quirky limited edition jerseys for occasions like Halloween and Valentine's Day, but the collaboration with Geolier is a pioneering effort. It marks the first time the club has sought to bridge the worlds of rhythm and style with music.

Geolier's personal creativity is evident in two jerseys that come in different shades, each embossed with his poetic verses on the front and the iconic number 10 on the back. This number is a tribute to Napoli's heritage and resonates with the azure sky. This design is a reminder of tradition amid innovation.

The famed number 10 on the back is an ode to Napoli and their passionate fans, filled with stylized Italian phrases and lyrics from Geolier's previous year release, "X Caso." This song, an anthem dedicated to challenging love, reflects the ardor of a devotee for their team and the romance of football that extends beyond the pitch.

This "Special Edition" range represents an exciting collaboration between two creative forces, blending the iconic Napoli insignia with the artistic impressions created by Geolier. This melding symbolizes an intriguing amalgamation that has sent ripples across the arena. Don't miss a chance to wear your love for Napoli and Geolier. Their collaborative merchandise is available at store.sscnapoli.it. Dive into this unique concoction and be part of this impressive alliance. Follow on for more surprises in store. Let the colours of Napoli and Geolier's art wash over you.

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