Discover the Elegance of adidas Predator 24: Pearlised Collection

The adidas Predator 24: A New Addition to the Pearlised Collection, 30 January 2024.

With the poise to glide across pitches in an impeccable display of untarnished excellence, adidas welcomes, with open arms, the pure delight that is Predator 24 into its growing Pearlised family. By stripping the three styles - the laced, the laceless, and the traditional laced variant with a fold-over tongue - of all color, adidas expands its Pearlised Pack.

In its cradle days, the Pearlised pack emerged as adidas's whiteout pack last year, washing off all color from the famous Three Stripes line-up to lay bare the unadulterated elegance of the X, COPA, and Predator. As we progress into this year, the cycle continues. But while the X sees no adjustment from its Crazyfast version, and the COPA Pure adjusts only minor details, the spotlight pivots onto the Predator 24.

Exhibiting sheer brilliance in triple white across all three fit options, the Predator 24 blushes with beauty. This isn't, however, the Predator 24's maiden voyage into the world of the whiteout. It first saw the light of the day as early as September of last year. Players like Jude Bellingham, Aaron Ramsdale, and Ian Maatsen were given the exclusive privilege to flaunt the fresh prototype in their respective training sessions.

Now that it's out and ready for a proper close-up, it is nothing short of breathtaking. The whiteout design slathers every inch of the boots, subsuming even the branding. The result intensifies the unique features of each boot. For the Predator, that's the strategically located rubber fins - dubbed as Strikeskin Technology - placed accurately in strike zones to assist ball grip for precise strikes.

Dreaming up shots. Every iteration of the Predator 24 series thus far has demonstrated just this - the silhouette of the three versions, a blend of design elements tailored for different budget constraints: laced, laceless, and the classic laced edition, with a foldover tongue, a nod to the days of yore for the sentimental shoe enthusiasts.

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