Dime MTL Launches Innovative Spring '24 Football Jersey Collection

As the calendar flips closer to spring, Dime MTL, the globally renowned Montreal-based skate brand, has offered a tantalizing glimpse into their much-awaited Spring/Summer collection of '24. A striking football jersey, adopting three eye-catching colorways, is emerging as a stellar part of their upcoming line-up. This unmissable cross-pollination between the vibrant worlds of football and skate continues to gather steam, a trajectory that was undeniably kick-started by the sensational Palace x Juventus collaboration back in 2019. What initially seemed like an isolated innovation has since sparked a creative revolution, with labels trading skater chic for a fashionable dose of football.

Capturing this zeitgeist, Dime MTL has designed a football jersey; a fashion-forward feather in their Spring '24 collection cap, set to hit the stores later this month. The exciting piece will come to life in three individualistic color-ways; maroon and cream, carbon and black, or royal blue and black, with the uniforms sharing the same striking and modern long-sleeved design. Traversing vertical stripes, the color choices splendidly enrobe a 'cyber landscape' graphic, allowing striking juxtaposing colors to frame the lower, upper, and sleeve areas.

An artfully altered “Dime” takes center-stage, situated statutorily above the number 32, with the brand’s moniker finding its place at the right chest region. Finally, a custom-crafted crest adorns the traditional left chest location, completing this anticipated Spring '24 jersey. These jerseys from Dime MTL promise to continue their trend of unique and intriguing skate attire, creatively blurring the lines between the worlds of sport and edgy street style.

The brilliant collection premieres on February 24, magnetically striking us at exactly 1pm Eastern Standard Time, right within our eager grasps through dimemtl.com. Don't blink, you might just miss out!

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