Declan Rice's Rocking Toni Kroos's Adidas Adipure 11Pro 2

At the most recent Arsenal practice, our eyes were drawn to Declan Rice – not for his agility in the midfield, but for his unexpected choice of footwear. Adorning Rice's feet was none other than the reimagined Adipure 11 Pro boot, a clear departure from the customary Adidas Copa Pure boot that fans have grown accustomed to witnessing on his feet.

Let's take you down memory lane; Adidas brought the Adipure 11Pro 2 Kroos boots back into the limelight on the 23rd of October, 2023. The edition that Declan Rice opted for was the standard issue iteration of the boots – furnished with the Copa Pure soleplate as opposed to the Toni Kroos' precision-drafted TK edition. This comes as no surprise, bearing in mind that the Adipure 11Pro TK edition is typically reproduced in the foot-fitting size of 8.5 - a size which might not be in line with Rice's requirements.

Make no mistake - Declan Rice has a discernable penchant for nostalgic Adidas boot designs. His past selections have included the Nitrocharge 1.0 'Battle' boot and the Predator Absolute 'Zidane' 2006 reincarnation. Given his evident fondness for Toni Kroos, the Adipure 11Pro could certainly be a nod to the German powerhouse.

Recall that before Rice, Bellingham too, made waves after he sported the revamped Kroos x Adidas Adipure 11Pro boots, not long after interacting with Kroos' social media post. So the burning question remains - as Arsenal faces off against PSV in the upcoming Champions League scrimmage, will we see Declan Rice gracing the pitch in his Adipure 11Pro boots? We're placing bets; your predictions are welcome over on TikTok.

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