Collaborative Capsule by Nivelcrack & Soho Warriors

Soho Warriors, the East London creative football club, and Seoul-based creative studio Nivelcrack have joined forces to release a collaborative capsule collection.

This collection is a true testament to the harmonious blend of art and football that both brands embrace. Nivelcrack, known for their artistic prowess, recently ventured to London, where they found a kindred spirit in Soho Warriors. Even though they were thousands of miles away from home, their passion for football remained unwavering.

In partnering with Soho Warriors, they discovered a platform that allowed them to express their creativity on and off the pitch. The collection, aptly named Nivelcrack x Soho Warriors, takes inspiration from the hallowed ground that unites these two entities – the football pitch. By incorporating the color green as its centerpiece, the collection pays homage to the pitch itself, representing the shared home of both collectives. This symbolic choice breaks down the barriers of distance, culture, and nationality, reminding us that football is a universal language.


The standout pieces in the collection are the home and away jerseys, adorned with eye-catching checkerboard patterns. The home shirt features a striking combination of green and black, while the away version sports the classic pairing of green and white. These jerseys encapsulate the spirit of collaboration, fusing the distinct aesthetics of Nivelcrack and Soho Warriors into a harmonious design.


Excitingly, the Nivelcrack x Soho Warriors collection is now available for purchase on their official websites, and respectively.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of football fashion history. Stay tuned to both brands' platforms to keep up with their innovative journeys and be a part of their vibrant football community, and make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first in the know.

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