Closer Look at the Adidas Mexico 1985 Retro Kit

Feast your eyes on the rebirth of the Adidas Mexico 1985 shirt, which made its debut on Monday within the Adidas Originals retro collection.

A throwback t-shirt in a sultry maroon sits alongside a remake kit in crisp white - photos courtesy of WestonSG. Adidas sends us on a trip down memory lane with the launch of National Team Retro Kits + Collections - featuring 10 National Teams spanning from Mexico 1985-2023 Remake Kit.

Dive into a visual journey of the Mexico 1985 remake football shirt from Adidas. It's a nod to the iconic Three Stripes Mexico ensemble of the mid-1980s, but don't get it twisted; it's not an exact replica. The revamped Adidas Mexico 1985 jersey is dipped in an off-white hue offset by a vibrant green Trefoil logo, vivacious tricolor Three Stripes, collar and sleeve cuffs.

Adidas adds these tricolor details to amp up the style quotient, producing a remake that transcends from mere basic to downright chic. Keen on expanding the narrative, Adidas also releases a tracksuit and t-shirt as a part of the Mexico retro collection come 2023.

The Adidas Mexico 85 remake shirt is expected to hit the shelves starting December 1st, with a price tag that's a bit steep, being marked at 110 USD. Proudly brought to life by Adidas. Are you nodding your head in approval for the Mexico remake kit? 

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