Chelsea's Unveil Exclusive Year of the Dragon Collection

Chelsea Embraces the Year of the Dragon with a Special Gear Unveiling

In an innovative move designed to mold their brand into the fabric of the Asian market and show love for their fans in the East, Chelsea has unveiled their new 'Year of the Dragon' gear. Per tradition, the men's and women's teams will sport this novelty collection in their forthcoming matches this weekend. The significance of the Asian support cannot be downplayed, particularly for the Premier League, which has seen an influx of European teams releasing special collections to commemorate the Chinese New Year in recent seasons.

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon, Chelsea and Nike have devised a unique pre-match selection where the legendary creature takes center stage against the club’s quintessential blue backdrop. The dragon is sacred in Asian theology, epitomizing strength, prosperity, and power. Those privileged to be born in the Year of the Dragon are said to inherit the dragon's favorable attributes of charisma, wisdom, and courage.

In honor of the Year of the Dragon, Chelsea players will belt up proudly in their specially designed pre-match jerseys as they limber up on the pitch ahead of this weekend’s engagements. For the men, their wave will be against Wolves at Stamford Bridge, while the women will tackle Everton at Kingsmeadow. The dragon, intricately designed utilizing traditional Chinese calligraphy methods, with crisp and neat edges, captures its potent and promising symbolism as it welcomes the new year brimming with good fortune.

The Nike Year of the Dragon collection...Let's put some pizazz into your style with the latest Chelsea Year of the Dragon collection. This sleek ensemble comes with fashion-forward, short-sleeved pre-match tops (available only in men’s sizes) designed for all you stylish gentlemen out there. The collection further promises a stunning long-sleeve quarter-zip drill top.

Now here’s something special for everyone – these tops are available in men’s, women’s, and even kid's sizes. The ensemble is stamped with an exclusive, distinct Year of the Dragon crest on the chest, accompanied by an extraordinary illustration of the dragon at the back, making it hard to overlook these pieces. Making a striking ensemble representing partnership, the infamous dragon illustrations are coupled with the branding of club partners Nike and trivago. This brand alliance is a symbol of innovation, spirit, and a dare to dream attitude.

Don't think - just breathe, purchase, and wear proudly. It's available for your shopping convenience at Slide your eyes along for more exciting fashion updates.

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