Chelsea's Timeless 1974 Kits Make a Bold Comeback in '74 Range Collection

In a nod to their rich history, Chelsea Football Club is taking a stroll down memory lane with the re-release of their iconic 1974 away kit, now part of The Chelsea '74 Range collection. Drawing inspiration from the striking red and green stripes that adorned the original 1974 shirt, this collection is a heartfelt tribute to Chelsea's glorious past.

The club has crafted a collection that captures the essence of a bygone era. The Chelsea '74 Range boasts an array of apparel, including a sleek polo shirt, a classic track top, a cozy sweatshirt, a stylish t-shirt, hats to elevate your game-day look, a scarf for those chilly match nights, and even a commemorative mug for your morning brew.

But the star of this show, undoubtedly, is the revival of Chelsea's 1974 away kit. Each piece in the collection pays homage to those iconic red and green stripes, a design that set Chelsea apart and became synonymous with their swagger during the 1970s.

Here's the kicker – these retro gems won't break the bank. The remake football shirts, decked out in the distinctive red, white, and green, are up for grabs at an incredibly reasonable price of just 40 GBP (54 EUR). The track jackets, the priciest items in this range, come in at a steal of 50 GBP. It's an opportunity no Chelsea fan should miss to sport that timeless classic look.

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Take a look at the entire collection below:



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