Paul Canoville-Inspired Collection Dropped by Chelsea and Nicholas Daley


The collaboration between Chelsea Football Club and London-based fashion brand Nicholas Daley has finally unveiled its long-awaited capsule collection, paying homage to the remarkable life and career of Paul Canoville, Chelsea's first Black player.

The collection, which dropped today, showcases a specially crafted scarf and track jacket, drawing inspiration from the Blues' iconic 1983/84 kit. Despite facing numerous obstacles during its two-year production journey, including a global pandemic, government restrictions, and a change in ownership, the capsule has emerged triumphant.

Nicholas Daley expressed his elation with the final products, stating, "I am genuinely thrilled that the collection is finally out in the world. It has been a laborious process, but the end result was well worth the wait. This collection is an ode to cultural crossover, exceptional craftsmanship, pioneers, representation, music, and how all of these elements intertwine with the beautiful game and the vibrant terraces. Witnessing Paul Canoville himself donning the collection in the promotional photos holds immense significance—a true full-circle moment."

Undoubtedly, Canoville's story is a unique and captivating one within the walls of West London. When Nicholas Daley was first introduced to the project, he instinctively knew that Canoville's narrative would serve as the focal point. "After immersing myself in Paul's book, 'Black and Blue,' I recognized that his journey would be the ideal anchor for this project. It encapsulates numerous critical aspects that I felt deserved attention. Paul's story is a compelling representation of the experiences shared by many individuals within the Caribbean community. It is a tale of adversities and triumphs. In the Black community, many extraordinary achievers have overcome immense struggles. Paul Canoville, with his unwavering strength and spirit, serves as an unparalleled inspiration."

The inherent connection Daley felt with Canoville's story was ultimately transformed into a tangible symbol of unity and celebration. A collaboration that merges the worlds of football and fashion in perfect harmony, the Chelsea FC x Nicholas Daley collection has arrived, and it is a sight to behold. Drawing inspiration from the iconic British Black icons of the past, Nicholas Daley's designs pay homage to the rich cultural history that has shaped both football and fashion.

For Daley, this collection marks his first foray into the realm of sportswear, and he has approached it with the same level of artistry and attention to detail that has made his previous collections shine. But this collaboration goes beyond aesthetics. With a deep-rooted commitment to giving back, all proceeds from the collection will be donated to The Paul Canoville Foundation, a charity set up by the legendary Paul Canoville himself to support the next generation of young fans.

Daley understands that the intersection between fashion brands and sports clubs is becoming increasingly prevalent. In fact, designers are now incorporating sports kits into their runway shows in Paris, highlighting the growing importance of this fusion. To create a successful sports-fashion collaboration, there must be a genuine understanding and respect on both sides.

It is about capturing the essence and authenticity of both worlds, and Daley has accomplished just that. When asked about his aspirations to design a football kit someday, Daley enthusiastically expressed his interest, even throwing in a playful request for the Scottish federation to consider him for a new Scotland kit. It is evident that his passion for football runs deep, and his designs reflect that passion.

The Chelsea FC x Nicholas Daley collection is now available to purchase online, allowing football and fashion enthusiasts alike to own a piece of this extraordinary collaboration. To explore more of Nicholas Daley's captivating work, visit

Prepare to be captivated by the unique blend of style and sporting heritage showcased in this remarkable capsule.

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