Celebrating Black Awareness Month: Adidas Unveils Unique Jerseys for Brazilian Teams

Adidas, in collaboration with Laboratório Fantasma, has made a remarkable move to honor Black Awareness Month in 2023.

Introducing a new collection specifically designed for Brazilian soccer teams, including Atlético Mineiro, Cruzeiro, and Internacional. Surprisingly, the well-known Brazilian giants, Flamengo, did not make the cut.

In Brazil, Black Awareness Day, also known as Black Consciousness Day (Portuguese: Dia da Consciência Negra), is celebrated on November 20 every year. This significant day aims to recognize and appreciate the invaluable worth and contributions of the black community to the country, while promoting awareness and acknowledging their vibrant cultural heritage.

The latest special kits for Adidas Internacional, Cruzeiro, and Atlético Mineiro in 2023 exemplify this celebration. With a cream background and an intricate graphic pattern inspired by various historical braiding styles, these unique jerseys prominently showcase these cultural symbols. Each team's traditional color serves as the accent, giving a distinct identity to the designs. Adidas has ingeniously combined an outdated 2022-23 template with the brand's new Three Stripes-only logo and an updated aeroready tag.

Completing the look, the inside of the collar bears the old Adidas logo alongside the phrase "End Plastic Waste." This extraordinary collection endeavors to celebrate and exalt the splendor of black ancestry through one of the most iconic symbols of resistance in black culture—the braid. The message "Braiding Brazil and Africa" is beautifully depicted throughout the collection, emphasizing the deep connection between these two vibrant and influential cultures.

With a price tag of R$329.99 (approximately 65 USD), these exclusive kits are currently only available within Brazil. We eagerly want to hear your thoughts on these extraordinary Adidas shirts for Black Consciousness 2023. Remember to sign up to our Newsletter for more.

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