Celebrating 60 Years of Bentegodi: Hellas Verona Unveils Limited Edition Jersey in Collaboration with Joma and Studio Fantastico

In an explosion of color and history, Hellas Verona, in cahoots with Joma and the creative geniuses at Studio Fantastico, has just dropped a special edition jersey. It's not just any jersey, mind you. This piece, set to make its debut against Lazio, is a follow-up to their 120th-anniversary kit, and let me tell you, it's dripping with significance. Limited to a precise 787 pieces – that's the exact number of players who've graced the Bentegodi in official bouts since '63 – this kit is not just fabric and thread, it's a narrative woven into every stitch.

Picture this: Joma and Studio Fantastico, these wizards of design, come together to conjure up a kit that's not just a tribute but a time capsule of the Bentegodi's glorious past. They started with a vision, a desire to encapsulate the stadium's soul – its architectural wonder and the heartbeat of Verona's victories and fan love. Diving deep, they scoured the stadium for those hidden gems of design, those little quirks that make it unique, and sifted through the sands of time with old photos and stories.

Now, the crest on this jersey? It's not just a logo. It's a fusion of Hellas' present and Bentegodi's silhouette, crowned with 'IL BENTE60DI', a clever play of words and numbers that tells you straight up – this stadium's seen sixty years. And the design, oh, it's a feast for the eyes. Covering the shirt in a tone-on-tone dance, inspired by the stadium's very own texture and innards, captured and reimagined into a pattern that's abstract yet pulsating with the life of the place.

The hues chosen – a dignified dark grey and black – they're not just colours. They're a nod to the Bentegodi's building blocks and an ode to the elegance of a 'dark suit', the kind you save for those once-in-a-lifetime moments. And then, those splashes of yellow and blue, like little echoes of the fans' own artwork in the Curva Sud, bringing the essence of the supporters right onto the fabric.

But hold up, it doesn't stop at the jersey. They went all out, extending this artistry to the shorts, the socks, making it a whole ensemble. And tucked away under the jersey is this little holographic gem, a label that whispers the project's name and its unique number in the series. They even threw in a long sleeve version and a kiddie kit because hey, this celebration's for everyone.

The sponsors, bless them, they got with the program, melting into the design with a grace that only adds to the kit's charm. It's a masterclass in blending history, passion, and modern aesthetics into something that's not just a treat for the eyes but heavy with meaning.

So here it is, Hellas Verona's latest kit, a patchwork of stories, dreams, and the unbreakable bond between a team and its tribe. And when those players step onto the field against Lazio, clad in this symbol of their heritage, it's gonna be more than just a match. It's gonna be a moment, a celebration of everything that's come before and all that's yet to be. For everyone who's poured their heart into this project, it's the sight of their imagination coming alive, playing out in real-time, on the grand canvas of Serie A

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