Carnival X Umbro AW23 Collection: Where Football Meets Street Fashion

In a spirited celebration of the beautiful game and the vibrant culture of Thai street fashion, Umbro Thailand has orchestrated an exciting fusion with hometown streetwear stalwarts, Carnival.

The outcome? A brilliantly vivid collection, as riveting as a game of football itself. The nostalgic charm of Umbro's rich past melds seamlessly with slick street style, amplifying the brand's reputation for inspiring collaborations.

Carnival, whose journey began in 2010 as a pioneering supplier of sneakers, leveraged the untapped potential of social media and online marketing to cater to sneaker enthusiasts throughout Thailand. Their emergence as mainstays in the Thai streetwear circuit is currently a foregone conclusion.

The Autumn/Winter '23 collection reverently acknowledges Umbro's timeless classics, enfolding them in the creative embrace of Carnival's own stylistic ingenuity - unifying football-inspired silhouettes and graphics into a continuum of style. It's an intriguing style play that juxtaposes sports terrace wear with unapologetic street fashion flair.

Imbued with inspiration drawn from Umbro's signature silhouettes and pattern designs, the collection highlights an assortment of jerseys – each one dipped in a singularly distinct style that ranges from conventional stripes and shades to avant-garde graphic geometrics. The collection also extends into the realm of cosy seasons favorites– sweaters, jackets, T-shirts, and shorts.

Put the finishing touches on your ensemble with caps, scarves, and functional water bottles– all important constituents of this collection. The eagerly anticipated Carnival X Umbro AW23 collection is set for release on Saturday, 25th November, exclusively available via Umbro.

Invigorating Thailand, Carnival Online Store and hand-picked retailers sprinkled throughout the Thai landscape. Keep your eyes peeled and noses to the ground...

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