Brøndby Kits Featuring Children's Designs

Brøndby IF geared up for an extraordinary showdown against Randers FC this Sunday, donning exclusive versions of their home shirts for this season. But there's more to this fashion statement than meets the eye.

In a commendable collaboration with Save the Children's National Collection, Brøndby aims to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Prepare to witness a truly heartwarming sight as each player's shirt proudly features a child's drawing on the chest, showcasing their unfiltered creativity and innocence.

To highlight their support for this cause, the shirts also bear the iconic Red Barnet logo on the neck. These awe-inspiring illustrations have been lovingly crafted by children associated with Save the Children Vestegnen's clubs. These clubs do incredible work by providing a nurturing environment for children and families, prioritizing their overall well-being. 4

Post-match, these one-of-a-kind jerseys will be up for grabs in an auction on Odendo. The proceeds from this auction will be channeled directly towards Save the Children, ensuring that their invaluable efforts continue to touch the lives of those who need it most. Adding to the charitable spirit, the fan department will rally behind this initiative with 20 passionate fans stationed at the stadium entrances, eagerly wielding collection signs.

If you too are inspired by this compassionate endeavor and seek to contribute, there's more than one way to get involved. Supporters can lend a helping hand by transferring funds to the dedicated MobilePay number 121364, further fueling Save the Children's national collection. 

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