British Football Clubs Unite in Support of Poppy Appeal 2023

Last weekend, British teams, including Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle, Manchester City, and Rangers, proudly displayed the poppy emblem on their shirts. While most clubs sported the traditional, sleek design provided by the Royal British Legion, a few opted for a slightly modified version, adding their own unique touches. Notably, Scotland witnessed its own array of distinctive poppies.

As we approach Remembrance Day, many British football clubs have committed to showing their support for the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal 2023. In the coming weeks, teams will don poppy-emblazoned shirts to honor the occasion.

However, this year's poppy is unlike any we've seen before. For the first time, the emblem bears the year - 2023 - a significant addition that sets it apart from previous editions. Intriguingly, Liverpool has sparked some speculation by releasing images on their official website featuring Virgil van Dijk donning a poppy without the year. It's uncertain which poppy Liverpool will ultimately choose for the match, as the women's team appears to be opting for the dated version.

Fans eagerly anticipate the auction of the highly coveted match-worn 2023-2024 Poppy football kits, which will be held on Match Worn Shirts, a dedicated platform for the 2023 British Poppy Appeal.

For those unable to obtain the match-worn shirts or seeking to include the poppy on standard kits, Subsidesports offers the 2023 British Poppy at a mere £4. They also provide pre-attached poppies on various 23-24 kits.

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