BOTTER and Reebok Unveil Football-Inspired FW24 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

On the 19th of January 2024, during the Paris Fashion Week, a fresh wave of fashion swept over the city. BOTTER, a menswear label deeply rooted in the Netherlands but with a heart nestled in Paris, confidently debuted their latest collaboration with Reebok on the runway. This dynamic partnership intertwines the pulsating rhythm of football with the vibrant echoes of Caribbean culture, marking a significant moment in contemporary fashion.

If you're not yet in the loop - fold-over tongues are the latest craze. BOTTER, always at the forefront of innovation, aligns perfectly with this trend in their football-inspired FW24 collection. The highlight of this collection is the Energia Bo Két trainer. Taking inspiration from Reebok's early 2000s football boots archive, this design captivates with its sought-after fold-over tongue, soon to be available in bold, modern colorways.

This collaboration between BOTTER and Reebok is not their first. Previously, they transformed the Energia Bo Két silhouette into four striking colorways just last summer. For the FW24 collection, this model has been revamped, ready to conquer urban landscapes in two new colorways. BOTTER's signature fusion of football's energy with high fashion is evident in their previous work as well, like their creative transformation of adidas Predator boots.

The trend of integrating classic football boot elements into standout trainers is gaining traction. Notable examples include Acne Studios' T90-inspired Boltzer from last year's Paris Fashion Week and the PUMA x Fenti Avanti. BOTTER and Reebok are at the forefront of this movement, seamlessly blending sport and fashion into an enticing rhythm that resonates in both worlds.

Let's delve into the 2022 show with a Micaela Coel-esque flair. The 'FW24 collection' is more than a showcase of unique footwear. It presents an array of clothing and accessories that demand attention. The oversized shirt, for example, exudes effortless style with its vintage collar and double-emblems, paying homage to retro fashion.

While the official release date for the Reebok x BOTTER Energia Bo Két is still pending, anticipation is building. Stay tuned for this exciting launch. It's definitely something to look forward to in the world of fashion.


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