Bayern Munich Drop Oktoberfest 23/24 Shirt


Adidas and Bayern Munich have once again embraced the lively spirit of Oktoberfest with the grand unveiling of their traditional Oktoberfest jersey for the 23/24 season. Get ready, because this special kit is making its dazzling debut tonight in the game, continuing a cherished tradition that Bayern fans eagerly anticipate.

Just like a perfectly poured stein of your favorite brew, Adidas has poured their meticulous attention to detail and impeccable design choices into this jersey. Feast your eyes on its unique sketched mountain flower pattern, reminiscent of the Champions League third kit. And, proudly displayed on the chest, you'll find the club emblem, a nod to the club's illustrious history.


But what really sets this Oktoberfest jersey apart is its choice of color - the invigorating "Magic Lime." It's a hue that harkens to the term 'Wiesn,' an affectionate reference to the festival grounds. Turn around, and you'll discover a delicate edelweiss flower adorning the back of the neck, accompanied by the subtle 'Wiesn 2023' lettering. The name and number on the back of the jersey? They're elegantly presented in an off-white shade, adding a touch of class to the overall design.

The excitement is palpable as the new Oktoberfest kit takes center stage for the first time in tonight's home match against Bayer Leverkusen at the iconic Allianz Arena. But wait, there's more! The women's team also gets to showcase this fantastic design in their opening league game against Freiburg. It's a night that promises both celebration and style for both teams.


For fans who are ready to fully embrace the festive spirit, the Bayern Munich 23/24 Oktoberfest jersey is now available at the official website, Don't miss out on the chance to don this one-of-a-kind, eye-catching piece of football fashion. It's time to immerse yourself in the festivities and proudly display your love for Bayern Munich!

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