Atlético Tucumán Unveils Stunning 23/24 Third Kit Celebrating Fan Anthems and Club Culture

Paying homage to the heartbeat of Atlético Tucumán's strength, their passionate fans, Umbro unrolls an eye-catching third kit, deeply interwoven with fan sentiment and club culture for the 23/24 season.

The unveiling marks an exciting kickoff for Umbro's fresh campaign 'Every team has one,' to demonstrate the intricate tapestry between the beautiful game and the rhythm of music.

An international creative design studio Killa Villa was roped in to translate these melodious fervours onto the canvas of the third kit. The eye-catching jersey spills grandeur, draped in a regal blue-purple shade. A playground for contrasting graphics, it recounts pieces of those cherished anthems chosen by the stalwart Atlético Tucumán supporters.

Adorned with streaks of tear graphics to depict the fierce ardour of the fans, from left to right, narrating tales of unyielding loyalty and timeless passion. Every so often, there comes a kit that's not merely an apparel, but a living story of the club and its most passionate supporters. For Atlético Tucumán, that moment is now. Prepare to be a part of this tale, as the narrative unfurls, one chant at a time.

In true celebration of tradition, a glorious fusion of pristine white and celestial blue vertical stripes coalesce vividly on this new attire - a passionate tip of the hat to the home colours, familiar to the club and the national team alike. The heavenly blue embellishments extend to gently grace the collar and cuffs, the latter being further adorned with a multiplying cascade of Umbro's iconic Double Diamond insignia.

An ensemble that stands out in uniqueness and pride, set to make its grand appearance this Sunday, the 26th of November, in the upcoming home showdown against Huracán. The Atlético Tucumán 23/24 Third Shirt is ready for its fans, available at Do follow.

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