Atletico Madrid's Exclusive 23/24 Fourth Shirt: A Night Scene Masterpiece by Nike

Atletico Madrid has unveiled a limited edition fourth shirt for the 23/24 season crafted by Nike. It's a shirt with an adventurous spirit, ready to make its grand entrance this upcoming weekend, when Atletico pack their bags and head to Almería.

Last season saw no fourth shirt in sight, but this year, Atletico Madrid is returning triumphantly to a four-kit line-up, putting forth a new bespoke jersey to the delight of fans. It's scheduled to debut as Simeone's dynamic team takes to the field in Almería on Saturday, 24 February.

The shirt in itself is a beautiful study in simplicity, combining a deep navy base color with clean white accents that adorn the club crest, sponsor, and brand. The creative contrasting design eloquently echoes the effervescent energy of Madrid, a city that radiates light and sound in an unparalleled display of vibrancy.

While it appears to be a plain team shade, it carries a spark of uniqueness, a “bold and distinctive character," beneath its navy veneer. In comparison to the club's current lighter jersey collection, this bespoke iteration is a darker alternative, serving as an additional choice for those who wish to support the team on their away games.

The Atletico Madrid 23/24 fourth shirt is now open for an exclusive pre-sale for Atlético de Madrid members. Beginning 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, it will be available in all club official stores. Be sure to take a closer look. Stay informed. Stay in tune. Subscribe to our Newsletter!

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