Athens Kallithea FC Shines in Their Striking Kappa Third Shirt for 23/24 Season

As Athens Kallithea FC continues its journey at the crossroads of football and fashion, their latest release, the Kappa third shirt for the 23/24 season, is making waves like a thunderous goal celebration.

This release, the final stroke in their highly anticipated kit collection, elevates Athens Kallithea FC into a league of their own. With Ted Philipakos at the helm, the creative mastermind who steered Venezia to glory, this club is fast becoming synonymous with the pinnacle of football apparel innovation.

In a dynamic collaboration with the renowned design studio, Bureau Borsche, Athens Kallithea FC has spared no expense to craft a kit that defines style and sophistication. The third shirt, available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions, is a majestic spectacle in regal gold, beautifully contrasted by the captivating blue accents adorning the collar.


This combination is the embodiment of elegance and serves as a testament to Athens Kallithea's unwavering commitment to avant-garde design. With the triumphant unveiling of the full kit, Athens Kallithea FC stands shoulder to shoulder with the esteemed Venezia, setting standards in innovation and trend-setting that few can match. Keep a close eye on their journey as they continue to dominate the football-fashion landscape with their unrivaled style and panache.

While the Athens Kallithea 23/24 third shirt pays homage to Arsenal's iconic away shirt from the legendary 2001/02 season with its navy blue base and striking red stitch lines on the collar and cuffs, it's far more than a mere tribute. It possesses a unique identity, all its own.

Continuing their groundbreaking collaboration, the Athens Kallithea football club and the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens proudly display the ΕΜΣΤ wordmark on the third shirt. This unprecedented partnership bridges the realms of art and sport, establishing a new standard for the football world.

Completing the formidable trio are the home and away shirts, seamlessly complementing the third shirt. The home shirt boasts a commanding navy base with subtle horizontal pinstripes, accented by a vibrant red collar for that added touch of refinement. Meanwhile, the away shirt dons an understated white canvas, adorned with vertical pinstripes that exude a distinct air of sophistication. Throughout the ensemble, golden accents elevate the aesthetics, ensuring an unforgettable visual feast.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the Athens Kallithea 23/24 third shirt a cherished addition to your collection. Visit and secure this triumph of design and sportswear. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and exclusive offers that'll keep you at the forefront of football fashion.

Join us as we celebrate the fusion of the beautiful game and high fashion. This is Athens Kallithea FC, where every shirt tells a story, and style is the name of the game.

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