AS Roma's 'Bring it Back' Originals Collection: A Nostalgic 90s Fashion Revival

On 1st December 2023, AS Roma has made an entrance to the vintage vibe league with the launch of an Originals collection, a collaborative design endeavor by Roma and adidas. The collection borrows inspiration from the inimitable fashion eccentricities of the 90s, merging the admired adidas crest insignia with Piero Gratton's Lupetto symbol.

There’s an unspoken aesthetic harmony in having Roma’s Lupetto shield pitted against the adidas demonstrate badge, prompting a resurgence of fond memories from the 90s when Roma first joined partnership with the brand. This mesmerizing symbiosis of the logos is a spectacle to behold and forms the core of the ‘Bring it Back’ Originals collection.

This venture follows hot on the trails of a fresh Originals collection designed by adidas for Bayern Munich, and reveals adidas' strategy to reinstate vintage aesthetics to its partnered clubs and federations. The newly unveiled collection mirrors the creative stance adidas adopted for Giallorossi’s home shirt for this season, only replacing adidas' Performance logo with the eternally stylish Trefoil icon.

Unlike previous ventures with Bayern and Lyon, there is no announcement of revival for any of Roma's vintage shirts. Instead, the collection spotlights Bekenbauer tracksuit which is undeniably an enviable fashion piece. The red Adicolor tracksuit characterized by a zipped top and trousers, also features the iconic yellow 'Three Stripes' running down the leg. Alongside, the collection includes a t-shirt and a hoodie to round off the ensemble.

Embark on this nostalgic fashion trip by shopping the AS Roma Originals collection, currently available at To keep abreast with their latest updates, ensure to follow AS Roma and adidas on their respective platforms.

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