Arsenal's Exciting 2024-25 Kits by Adidas Leaked - Tradition Meets Modern Flair

Arsenal 24/25 Leak

Putting a fresh spin on tradition, Arsenal's 2024-25 kits will feature the symbolic Cannon crest, temporarily replacing the regular emblem for a season. Adidas, the veteran in crafting Arsenal's attire, is set to unveil the home, away, and third shirts, which will debut in the Premier League and all subsequent competitions. However, there’s no permanent plan yet to replace the familiar Arsenal logo.

The first reveal is the Arsenal 24-25 home kit, a masterpiece birthed by Adidas. This ensemble marries the club's signature main color—Better Scarlet—with snowy white motifs and a hint of dark blue design imagery. Adidas has kept the design neat and uncluttered, using their brand-new template crowned with hallmark side labels sporting a shade of blue. The kit is completed with white shorts, outlined with blue side panels, creating an astoundingly sleek look.

Arsenal 24/25 Leak

The release dates for the kits are as follows: Arsenal's home kit will be available in May 2024, the away kit in July 2024, and the third kit will debut in early August 2024. Share your thoughts. What's your take on the enticing Adidas-Arsenal 2024-2025 kits? Sign up to our Newsletter for more!

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