Arsenal and Adidas Amplify 'No More Red' Initiative Against Knife Crime in Third Year

Arsenal Football Club and Adidas are steadfastly continuing their 'No More Red' initiative against knife crime into its third consecutive year. This groundbreaking campaign, initiated in January 2022, marks a significant collaboration between the club and Adidas, dedicated to curbing knife crime and youth violence.

This year, the campaign takes an even more unified approach. For the first time, players will don the iconic whiteout kit at a home game, showcasing their commitment to the cause. The 'No More Red' initiative first gained attention when the team played in a striking all-white kit, devoid of Arsenal's traditional red, during their FA Cup match against Nottingham Forest.

Following this, a similar statement was made in the next year's game against Oxford United. The upcoming home game on January 7th against Liverpool will see the men's team once again embracing the whiteout kit. In solidarity, the Arsenal Women's team will also wear the all-white kit during their FA Cup fourth-round match against Watford at Meadow Park on January 14.

The 'No More Red' statement is bold and unequivocal, reflecting the gravity of knife crime in London. According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 13,503 knife-related incidents in London from June 2022 to June 2023, indicating a worrying 21% increase from the previous year. This alarming rise underscores the need for ongoing efforts in combating knife crime.

In celebration of the campaign's third anniversary, Adidas and Arsenal are launching a unique t-shirt designed by Nellie-Rose, a rising talent from the Arsenal community. This t-shirt, part of the 'No More Red' Social Action Project 2023, symbolizes the convergence of youthful energy and creative flair. Available from January 29 at Arsenal outlets for £30, the proceeds will support 'No More Red' Charity Partners, including The Arsenal Foundation, Abianda, Octopus Community Network Limited, Box Up Crime, The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, The Ben Kinsella Trust, The Copenhagen Youth Project, and The St Giles Trust.

Freddie Hudson, the head of Arsenal in the Community, expresses his confidence in the 'No More Red' initiative. He highlights its role in fostering community connections and supporting the aspirations of young people. The initiative has already seen collaborations between Arsenal, Adidas, government authorities, and charity partners to improve safe sport zones and mentorship opportunities.

In today's complex world, while we may not have all the answers, initiatives like 'No More Red' demonstrate the power of community and collaboration in making a significant impact on young lives. Learn more about 'No More Red' at and the work of Football Collective at Stay connected with us for more updates.

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