Aitana Bonmati: The New Star Shines Bright on Barcelona's Streets

In a brilliant display of talent and artistry, Barcelona Femeni's Aitana Bonmati has claimed the prestigious Ballon d'Or award, and the city of Barcelona is celebrating her victory in style. The renowned street artist, TVBoy, has unveiled a stunning mural paying tribute to the midfielder at the bustling intersection of Avenida Diagonal and Passeig de Gràcia.

TVBoy is no stranger to making waves with his urban street art, having previously featured the legendary Lionel Messi in his works. However, this time, the spotlight shines on Aitana Bonmati, the football sensation who clinched the women's Ballon d'Or on a remarkable Monday night.

In this captivating mural, Bonmati dons the iconic Barcelona kit, her back turned, casting a glance over her shoulder. Instead of the conventional name and number on her jersey, the words "Believe in yourself!" grace her back, sending a powerful message to all passersby. At her feet, the Golden Ball, a symbol of her recent achievement, rests as a testament to her extraordinary talent and dedication.

Aitana Bonmati's remarkable season in 2022/23 saw her lift four prestigious titles: the League, the Champions League, the Super Cup, and the World Cup. Notably, she was recognized as the best player in both the Champions League and the World Cup tournaments. On an individual level, she netted an impressive 14 goals and provided 17 assists for Barça, along with three goals and two assists while representing the Spanish national team at the World Cup.

But Aitana Bonmati isn't the sole star of this artistic celebration. TVBoy has also immortalized another Ballon d'Or winner from Barcelona Femeni, Alexia Putellas, as a superhero. Putellas is portrayed as "Superwoman," donning the Barcelona shirt with a heart-shaped "A" emblem on her chest, akin to a superhero's insignia. A striking red cape billows behind her, symbolizing her extraordinary abilities. The mural's background, in a shade of lilac representing feminism, features the empowering slogan "follow your dreams."

This captivating mural of Alexia Putellas is situated in the heart of the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia, a location previously graced by another remarkable TVBoy creation—an homage to the legendary Argentine footballer, Diego Maradona. Initially, Maradona was depicted as "half saint, half devil," a nod to his complex persona. However, in light of Maradona's controversies, TVBoy chose to replace it with a powerful artwork celebrating a woman as the champion and star.

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