AIK Unveils Limited Edition Vintage Jersey to Celebrate 100 Years of Allsvenskan

AIK, one of the most stylish and distinguished football teams of our time. The team has recently introduced a special kit, a vintage throwback jersey, which pays homage to the centennial celebration of Allsvenskan, the Swedish Premier League. This year marks a century since the establishment of Allsvenskan, a league that AIK has been an integral part of since its inception in 1924. This enduring relationship between AIK and Allsvenskan has not only shaped the club but also the league itself, fostering a bond that compels AIK to honor the league's 100-year celebration in a distinctive manner—by crafting an aesthetically pleasing kit.

In commemoration of the league's centenary, AIK launched a cup jersey that draws inspiration from the design worn in 1924, just before their Svenska Cupen match against Örebro. The jersey's design emphasizes simplicity and elegance, featuring a sleek black base with subtle yellow details and a classic v-neck collar. This appealing look highlights the cooperative spirit of the club's partners, notably Nike, which agreed to waive its branding space on the kit for this special occasion. Nike adopted a unique approach by replacing its recognizable Swoosh with a simple overlay of the word "Nike," a feature that appears to be exclusively for AIK. Additionally, the jersey introduces long sleeves, a first in the collaborative history of AIK and Nike, and is made entirely of recycled polyester, underscoring a commitment to sustainability.

The jersey's black hues are accentuated with 3D silicone to meticulously highlight the intricate details. The bold yellow "AIK" letters on the chest, along with the numerals on the back, are crafted from lush velvet and feature an intricately embroidered border. This exclusive kit is presented in a special product box, paying tribute to the Stockholms Stadion, AIK's home ground in 1924. To maintain its exclusivity, only 133 units are available, reflecting the 133 glorious years of the club as of 1924.

These limited edition jerseys will be distributed through an open raffle, exclusively accessible to the club's season ticket holders. Interested parties can register for the raffle from the 17th to the 24th of February, with the lucky winners announced on the 24th. The winners will have the unique opportunity to own this cup jersey for SEK 1199. Stay tuned for more updates on this exclusive release, and sign up to our Newsletter for more!

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