Adidas Unveils Vibrant 2024 Copa America Kits

Copa America Jerseys

Anticipating a blistering summer of football skirmishes, Adidas has taken the wraps off its spanking new home and away jerseys for several of its federations - Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru - who are primed for action in the 2024 Copa America. This reveal was perfectly synchronized with the unveiling of their Euro 2024 kits, showing off Adidas' impressive range and readiness for the cup season. Recent additions to Adidas's launch catalog include the previously released kits for Venezuela, with plans to expand the line-up later in the year to include collections for the Jamaican and Costa Rican federations.

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The newly unveiled American kits, like their Euro counterparts, carry a refreshing interpretation of national colors, taking a deep dive into bolder shades and hues. Furthermore, traditional patterns are being reinterpreted and applied afresh, as seen with Mexico's home and away outfits. These kits are adorned with striking folk-art patterns, which scream of the colorful and animated approach to life that is distinctly Mexican. In a thrilling twist, new emblems find their way onto traditional federation gear, like the emblem of the phoenix punctuating the exquisiteness of Colombia's home outfit; the symbol is famously associated with renewal and transformation.

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Sam Handy, SVP of Product and Design at Adidas, eloquently described these jerseys as a "We are proud to present our new adidas federation jerseys - a fusion of artistry and innovation for a thrilling summer of football. Our goal was to create a collection that showcases the pinnacle of performance, while presenting designs that embrace the rich tapestry of each nation’s culture. We believe these kits will resonate with modern-day fans across the globe, encouraging a spirit of expressive freedom – both on the pitch and in the stands. It is a real honour for us to work with each of these federations, to create jerseys what we believe will unite everyone who wears them".

Redesigning and retaining the essence of traditional football uniforms was their aim. By the looks of it, they've scored a goal alright.

Valsing through to ARGENTINA, their home kit comes imbued with a novel radiance of gold particulars - a nod to their recent triumphs on the universal platform, and a contemporary pivot to the classic blue and white rendition of their jersey. Argentina's away ensemble boasts a vibrant royal blue, supremely indicative of their esteemed status in the international football fray. Metallic graphic inlets and lighter strokes of blue and white, borrowed from the nation’s iconic flag, sculpt a jersey that appeals to the futurist fan brigade.

Turning our attention to CHILE, the home kit displays a pixelated array of red squares, echoing the 'red tide' of Chilean supporters rallying behind their nation. Conceptualized by the new age fan base, the aesthetics are digitally driven for a pertinent and sprightly appeal. The away strip pays respect to Chilean customs with a noble white base – echoing the snow upon the Andres Mountains - set ablaze with radiant blue and red accents, signifying La Roja’s fierce passion heading into the summer.

Moving lower down the continent to COLOMBIA, a fresh emblem takes its rightful position on the country's home and away strips, with the introduction of the se...The ensemble is a reflection of the phoenix, a symbol well-associated with revitalization and evolution. The design is intricately woven into the sidewalls of the principal kits, casting an enduring shield as athletes rise up and face new challenges during this summer’s competition. The alternate jersey boasts a dark foundation color with misty patterns, perfectly accentuated with fiery orange details. The phoenix is yet again summoned to embody the spirited zeal and enthusiasm of the team.

With MEXICO, vibrantly arresting folk-art style patterns embellish both home and away jerseys, symbolizing the joyous and vibrant approach to life of its inhabitants. The primary jersey's exclusive design shows patterns inspired by their national symbol, the Eagle. Feather graphics on the base underscore their intrinsic swiftness and precision, traits that reflect the squad and their national bird. The alternate jersey showcases an intricate pattern of the serpent, an emblem of power and grandeur drawn from the Mexican coat of arms.

Peru's primary kit is a modern reimagination of a quintessential design, with the benchmark Peruvian red sash boldly contrasting the white background. Forming the backbone of the design is a base graphic signifying the texture of the Peruvian Cajon, a traditional musical instrument. The shirt's neckline carries the phrase “Unidos Siempre” as a camaraderie ode to the union of fans and players for a collective cause. The alternative kit of Peru carries a daring focus on their typical red sash.

Through the lens of an exquisite pattern that draws upon the rich aesthetics of the Peruvian Cajon instrument, comes a fashion revelation. Be swept away by the adidas 2024 Copa America kits. Be immersed in the culture, be wrapped in style. Keep following for the trendiest threads.

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