Adidas Unveils Groundbreaking Football-Inspired Fashion Line with UCL Pro Ball London Collection

Melding the worlds of football and fashion, adidas has stepped up to celebrate the Champions League's return in a rather unique way. The sporting brand has partnered with three of London's burgeoning fashion designers to create a one-off fashion collection that pays tribute to the iconic UCL Pro Ball London. Drawing its inspiration from the emblematic material of the UCL Pro Ball itself, these upcycled, eclectic pieces blur the boundaries between athletics and high fashion.

Parisian defender Jules Koundé, alongside Argentine midfielder Rodrigo de Paul, were instrumental in shaping this collection. Both athletes took the time to engage with the designers during the creative process, aiming to project a slice of life from the gritty streets of London. Spotlighting these pieces, Koundé and de Paul will showcase them during their pre-match arrivals for the Champions League RO16 Second-Leg matches on 12 and 13 March.

Among the standout pieces is the UCL Pro Ball London Jacket, masterfully crafted by Sophie Hird. The design marries deconstructed panels of the UCL Pro Ball London, allowing the regal lions ingrained in the design to capture the limelight. The underpinning of each jacket repurposes locally-sourced, discarded leather jackets, echoing the theme of synergy and sustainable fashion. In the creation process, each jacket was meticulously deconstructed, cleansed, and stitched anew into a modern-day, bomber-style jacket. With elasticated waistbands, voluminous collars, and snug cuffs, these jackets ooze an undeniable charm, creating a synergy between creativity, sustainability, and style.

Stay tuned for more such fashion-forward announcements as we continue to usher in a new age of football-inspired fashion. Channeling the groove of the 80s, Sophie Hird shares how her designs evolved. "I found myself drawn to the unique attire worn in Speedway, a sport closely related to Motocross," she explained. "Witnessing these audacious leather attire emblazoned with stripes and stars was a sight to behold. Seeing those, and being inspired by the adidas UCL Pro Ball London, I felt motivated to merge these two distinctive worlds."

The adidas UCL Pro Ball London kit and boot bags, the works of design maestro Helen Kirkum, were inspired by high-end holdalls and wash bags, signifying the sheer prominence of football in the fashion realm. The bags are designed incorporating classic hexagonal patterns, hinting at a quilted texture. The dual lion emblem displayed prominently in the center makes a bold statement, encouraging fiery competition. Speaking about the design process, Helen Kirkum stated, "Our aim was to effusively utilize and highlight alternative materials in a cutting-edge, functional manner. It was both a challenging and exciting process working with the football materials, their rigid and premoulded nature was tough to manipulate and construct. However, seeing the final product, I'm overflowing with pride. My hope is that the sight of the champion league's final logo and the tactile sensation of the final ball instills an extra drive and morale boost in the players."

To tie the fashion pieces together, Fungibles added intricate beanie hats. Composed using a patchwork technique and contrasting fabrics, they incorporate a distinct sartorial flair that vibes perfectly with the rest of the bespoke collection. Harmoniously merging wool, cotton, & cashmere, the new adidas UCL Pro Ball London embraces colours rooted in its very design. Adopting a blend of varied fabrics, the piece becomes a canvas for screen-printed artwork and an added tassel accent, an embodiment of the combined community spirit and vitality surrounding the competition.

The grandeur of the 2024 UEFA Champions League final, set in the heart of London, gears up for the 1st of June, 2024. The UCL Pro Ball London, a vestige of this grandeur, is now available. So, don't just stand on the sidelines, make the game yours particularly with the spirit of London at your fingertips.

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