Adidas Revives Nostalgia: AS Roma 1992-2024 Remake Kit Set to Take Football Fans Back in Time

Step back into the golden era of football with a classic reboot, darling! We've got the tea directly from Footy Headlines that in 2024, Adidas is setting the stage to reintroduce their retro Roma home kit from the 1990s. Giving us a ride in the time machine, this is the AS Roma 1992-2024 Remake Kit.

For the aesthetics, picture in your mind's eye the original 1992-94 Adidas AS Roma jersey. As the whispers of the sporting world suggest, this retake on the 1992-1994 Adidas AS Roma jersey would echo its predecessor, likely with minor tweaks to fit with today's modern aesthetics. Still, the throwback vibe remains as strong as ever, baby.

One vintage feature to anticipate is the inclusion of the iconic Barilla logo gracing the front of the jersey, just like back in days of yore.

Ah, but I do bear a touch of disappointing news for those keen on nabbing this nostalgic Adidas Roma 1993-94 remake jersey. You'll need to cool your heels until fall 2024, with September earmarked as the anticipated launch month. Yet, as the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait.

So, what's your take on Adidas' decision to resurrect the Associazione Sportiva Roma's 1993-94 kit? Remember to sign up to our Newsletter for more!

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