Adidas Revives Football Nostalgia with the Return of Adipure 11pro 2 Boots

In a thrilling revelation, Adidas has unveiled its plans to breathe new life into the iconic Adipure 11pro 2 football boots. The announcement sent shockwaves through the football community, sparking a wave of excitement and anticipation.

Originally gracing the football world's stage in late 2013, the Adidas Adipure 11pro 2 boots swiftly carved a name for themselves, renowned for their unparalleled comfort and top-tier performance. Among the sea of players, one name stood out, inseparable from these boots – Toni Kroos. Ever since his initial embrace of these classics a decade ago, Adidas has persistently courted Kroos, hoping to sway him toward newer models.

But the bond between Kroos and the Adipure 11pro 2 boots remains extraordinary and virtually unparalleled in today's game. Kroos steadfastly clings to the timeless "White/Black/Blue" colorway, even going to great lengths to maintain their pristine condition. Not even the allure of becoming the face of Adidas' revolutionary COPA 19+ boots, introduced in 2019, could tempt the German maestro away from his cherished Adipure 11pro 2s.

While Kroos did give other boots a spin, it became crystal clear that his heart remained firmly rooted with the Adipure 11pro 2. This enduring love story shows no signs of waning, and Adidas has fully embraced Kroos' unwavering loyalty. In fact, Adidas has gone the extra mile to cater to his unwavering preference, customizing Kroos' version of the Adipure 11pro 2 boots by incorporating the soleplate from the Adipure III, a model hailing from 2009.

This unique combination continues to grace the football pitch, outlasting the subsequent 11Pro 3 and even defying the discontinuation of the 11Pro line in 2016. Adidas' deep understanding and wholehearted acceptance of Kroos' choice underscore the legendary status of the Adipure 11pro 2 boots.

Football players and fans alike eagerly await the re-release, yearning for the chance to relish the same comfort and performance that captivated Toni Kroos all those years ago. The spirit of "if you can't beat them, join them" undoubtedly paid off for Toni Kroos, as he went on to clinch multiple Champions League trophies while donning his iconic 11Pro boots.

Since he first laced up the Adidas Adipure 11pro in 2014, Kroos has maintained a jaw-dropping pass accuracy rate of over 90 percent throughout league and UCL campaigns, up until 2022. It's no wonder he developed such an unbreakable bond with these boots.

For avid fans, there's exciting news on the horizon. Adidas has teased the resurrection of this classic boot through a recent Instagram post, complete with Kroos' personalized German flag design on the heel.

The post also pays tribute to Kroos as a legend, emphasizing loyalty. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 24th, the highly anticipated release date.

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